Mental Health and Wellness - Living a Happy Life

Do More Than Survive... THRIVE!

Living with anxiety and panic is a reality for so many, and the key to successfully managing them is embracing them.  Heather lives with these conditions and shares numerous strategies for managing them to live a fulfilled, happy life where you THRIVE.

Just P.A.W.S. - 4 Principles for a Happy, Fulfilling Life

The perfect conference opening or closing, this keynote is interactive and easily customizable to your event.  Teaching four keys to personal fulfillment, your audience will learn how to live life with reduced stress and increased happiness.  Perfect for volunteer appreciation and other 'feel good' events, participants will be involved throughout the presentation and walk away laughing.

Check Anxiety at the Door - 5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety at Home

Home is a place we find comfort, but for many people managing a general anxiety disorder (GAD), their home environment can actually result in more anxiety; not less.  Heather explains 5 ways this happens and what to do about them.  (This topic is perfect for events wanting only a 30 minute presentation.)

Be 'Self'ish - Strategies to Successfully Live with Anxiety and Panic

Learn the strategies of ‘self’ which strengthen mental health:  Self-Talk; Self-Control; Self-Care; Self-Acceptance.  Heather gives you good reasons to be selfish.

Personal and Professional Development

Moving Forward In A Backwards World

Becoming the best version of you - Using Heather’s three key life principles of 'Passion, People, and Purpose', participants will discover the secrets of motivating themselves and others to achieve higher levels of personal achievement.  This is Heather's most requested presentation for creating, focusing, and reinforcing increased levels of engagement and personal fulfillment.

Be Best in Show – 5 Communication Strategies that Help You Grow

In this keynote, Heather focuses on unique aspects of interpersonal communication and leadership which are typically not considered when developing these skills.  This presentation fits well at lunch and learns, networking events, or any event with a focus on professional development.

Unleash... To Live A Life You Love!

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