School Visits

Heather is the author of the award winning children's picture book 'A Different Little Doggy'.  Perfect for children ages 4 - 8, it focuses on the principle of acceptance.  Using the true life story of her Miniature Pinscher, Taz, Heather talks with children about how we are all different, and that's OK.  Being unique is what makes us all beautiful.  Discussions promote self-esteem and encourage acceptance.


4-K and Kindergarten Classes

(Approximately 45 min per session)

  • A creative activity involving lemons and centered around a message of acceptance.
  • A reading of her children's book A Different Little Doggy.
  • A coloring and / or drawing activity.

First, Second, and Third Grade Classes

(Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours per classroom session)

  • An interactive program focused on self-esteem building, acceptance of others, or understanding differences.

    Example: The 'Different Shoes' discussion where students identify all the ways they are different including their shoes.  Heather then facilitates a discussion involving how each person's differences lead to purpose

  • A reading of her children's book A Different Little Doggy.

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