What People Are Saying About Heather's Presentations

                           Passionate and Enthusiastic!

"Thank you so much for your message as our closing speaker.  We had so many wonderful comments about your message and your delivery:


     - Heather's presentation was the perfect way to end the conference.

     - From the very beginning of her presentation to the end, her enthusiasm and passion were evident.

     - Heather was able to engage and have the audience participate in ways that were not expected.

     - So fun to see how the audience expected the 'volunteers' to be put on the spot. In reality, the audience
       were the ones being recognized.
     - She used humor, sincerity and emotion to get her points across.  Adding her own personal stories made her 'real'.


You sent everyone on their way with a renewed energy!  Thank you."


Iva Mulhern

Partners of the WI Hospital Association


A Talented Speaker, Professional Presence!

"Heather served as our keynote speaker on Friday, September 30, 2022, as she kicked off our Phi Theta Kappa Fall Leadership Conference. She exceeded my expectations, and I feel like she said things that were new and different from other speakers.


She delivered the keynote presentation 'People, Passion, and Purpose'. The keynote was
wonderful and connected perfectly to our conference theme.


Heather is a talented speaker, and her communication and presence were both very professional. Our conference attendees had only positive things to say about her presentation and many respondents scored her presentation as a 10 out of 10."

Jennifer McIntosh, Associate Dean
Fox Valley Technical College


Adds that Little Something Extra!

"Heather did a presentation at our Fall 2021 Register in Probate Conference; she was the last presenter of our day.  She did a fabulous job making everyone smile, laugh, and after a bit of                                                                 coaxing even volunteer. 

She left everyone in an upbeat mood and gave us all something to think about.  I would recommend her if you are looking to add that little something extra to your next conference or meeting."


Sara Henke

Winnebago County Register in Probate


Good Content for our Lives!

"Thank you again for being our Sunday keynote speaker at the Celebration of Survivorship in Green Lake.  Your presentation was both funny and pertinent.  Using the attendees for part of the talk was a great way to have them involved.  Here are some quotes about your presentation from the evaluations:  

     - Her points were right on track for me.
     - It was fun and volunteers did a great job.
     - Heather was funny and personable.
     - Great activities!
     - Not boring!!  Had us laughing, but very good content for our lives.
Thank you again!"

Klara Hartfiel, Program Director
Breast Cancer Recovery


Good Message to Hear!
Our event was completely successful. Everyone left renewed and energized. Thank you for your participation in our program. I have received a couple of emails & texts with rave reviews.  Notes were:


                                                                         "Good message to hear"

 "Keynote speaker was excellent"

Sheila Fenolio
Fox Valley Insurance Association


Wonderfully Interactive!

"Thank you for providing a wonderfully interactive conference wrap up presentation for our RampUP the Conversation and ISP Conference.  Comments from attendees included:

     - She was inspiring and pointing out to have faith and be positive
     - Helpful, concrete techniques on how to better ourselves
     - I really enjoyed Heather's presentation - good ideas with a good speaking presence
     - Thanks for taking us on the journey of the senses.  Stop and listen...
     - I really enjoyed the last speaker
Overall, we were very satisfied with your presentation and the positive impact it had on our event.  We wish you all the best and will share your name with our colleagues in the business."

Shawna Stevenoski
Bilingual Training Consultants


Funny and Relatable!

"Heather's Presentation was wonderful.  She was funny and relatable.  We appreciated her ability to tailor her presentation to our audience.  She was also very easy to work with -- responsive and accommodating.  We received wonderful feedback from the attendees and would highly recommend her to other organizations."

Elizabeth Dehling
University of WI - Calumet County


Fun and Engaging!

"Heather had a fun and engaging way of presenting some very important communication and business skills for being a successful woman in the professional world.  Her analogies and stories were helpful in driving home the points she was making as well as memorable for everyone that attended.  We've received very positive comments from the Miller IWil attendees and would recommend her to groups looking to provide a fun, yet productive session on striving to enhance employee development."

Jessica Marhefke
Miller Electric


Setting the Perfect Tone!

"Your presentation was AWESOME!  We used your words throughout the meeting as ice breakers and comic relief.  Thank you so much for coming.  You set the tone for the conference perfectly."


Peg Larson
Partners of the WI Hospital Association


She Made a Difference!

“Heather was a great addition to our event. I am glad we found someone who has made a difference in speaking with college students and connecting with them; making it an enjoyable experience for all of us!”


Jamie Xiong
Marian University -- Trio Student Support Services

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