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Every keynote and breakout presentation Heather delivers is customized to your industry or event.  To discuss how one of the topics below can support your agenda, submit a quote request and Heather will contact you directly to discuss your needs and how she can be of service. 

Just Press PAWS

4 Principles for a Happy Life

In person keynote  -  45 to 60 min

In this keynote, audiences learn the four key strategies 

to bring more peace and joy to their lives. 


     P     Presence

     A    Attitude... of Gratitude

     W   Willingness

      S    Smile and be Silly


This highly engaging, entertaining, interactive presentation will have people up, out of their chairs learning how to stop, take a breath, and then start again with a new perspective.


The perfect conference opening or closing, this keynote is easily customizable to your event.  As an opener, it sets a positive tone for any conference, association meeting or retreat.


As a closing, it instills a feeling of positivity and happiness that the audience will associate with your entire event.


Perfect for volunteer appreciation and other 'feel good' events, participants will be involved throughout the presentation and walk away laughing.


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Moving Forward in a

Backwards World

In person keynote  -  75 to 90 min

Going from 'Maybe I should' to 'I'm glad I did'.. this keynote takes audiences on an insightful, entertaining journey towards a more authentic, more engaged, happy self.  


This unique presentation will leave attendeees...

  • With courage and belief in the value they bring to their jobs, their relationships, their communities, and to themselves.
  • Empowered to break out of life's routines and explore new opportunities and possibilities.
  • Enabled to be more positive and productive at work while also being more intentional in life.

Teaching the principles of Passion, People, & Purpose 


     Joy fueled energy and authenticity
     Deep Connections and Love of Self
     Growth and Contribution


This keynote is Heather's most requested presentation for creating, focusing, and reinforcing increased levels of engagement and personal fulfillment.


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Do More Than Survive... THRIVE!

Reduce Anxiety & Prevent Panic

In person keynote   -  60 to 90 min

Stress. Anxiety. Panic. Whether you’re feeling it... struggling with it... or watching someone you care about go through it, this presentation offers insights that can help.  In this keynote, Heather shares how she recognizes stress, reduces anxiety, and prevents panic.

“Do More Than Survive... Thrive” offers a proactive approach to reducing stress and preventing panic that focuses on recognizing rather than responding. From social anxiety that keeps you from going out, to workplace panic that keeps you from moving up, prevention begins with perspective:


     Considering a new point of view
     Adopting a new sense of self, and

     Fueling a new level of confidence


A perfect addition to any health & wellness event, Heather provides a personal yet relatable story that engages, informs, and inspires.  She has lived with these conditions for decades and shares her expertise and experience to inspire others on the same journey.


Within this presentation, your audience attendees will:

  1. Gain an understanding of how self-awareness
    fuels self-empowerment.
  2. Identify four key strategies to effectively live with and manage anxiety and panic conditions.
  3. Learn to build a plan for more than surviving but rather thriving every day.

Life with anxiety and panic conditions can be gratifying, fulfilling, delightful and all around amazing. It is fully possible to do more than survive, but rather thrive.


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Sometimes You Gotta Be SELFish

4 Keys to Improve Mental Health

In person keynote  -  45 to 60 min

Do you ever experience a sense of uneasiness, worry, or anxiety about something (or everything)? Do you
ever feel so unheard or unappreciated that you struggle letting yourself enjoy the moment? If yes, this presentation is for you!


Heather shares simple, yet powerful strategies to reduce feelings of stress by increasing your sense of self.

Understanding the four elements of self will uncover a new sense of strength and unleash a new level of
confidence. Managing stress is never easy, but it is possible if you are ready to be SELFish.


Using that little voice inside to shape your outside

Deciding how you will relate and react to things

Prioritizing you, your health and your happiness


Recognizing and sharing all of your amazingness!


Ideal for any health and wellness related event, Heather gives you good reasons to be 'self'ish. 


Learning objectives for this presentation are:


  1. Understand how self-talk fuels self-confidence and the belief of YOU. ARE. ENOUGH.
  2. Learn how to reduce stress and anxiety through the use of reframing.
  3. Gain an appreciation for mindfulness and how it provides a renewed sense of strength while also reducing stress.


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Unleash... To Live A Life You Love!

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